Coahoma Street

Cover Photo Coahoma Street

Secret friendships, social injustice, crime and punishment.
Only a southerner could tell the true story of the 60’s.

The deep south of the 60’s was a bigoted system of haves and have-nots. Racial lines between black and while Southerners were beginning to blur, with social issues being scrutinized more than ever. Tempers flared easily.

Jerry Sanger, the son of a white ex-sharecropper, and Eloisa Jones, daughter of a black grocery store owner, sudden find themselves caught in the middle of a racial battle. The discovery of their secret friendship and budding romance goes against all things holy in Princeville, Mississippi.

Meanwhile, Sanger’s friends in the Coahoma Street Gang find social issues of the times a challenge. As they wrestle with a small-minded class structure, Princeville must come to terms with incest, murder, and secret homosexuality. How everyone deals with these issues will, no doubt, surprise you.

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