Self-Publishing: Sharing the Secrets

“This book provides a necessary and helpful reality check and belongs on the shelf of any aspiring self-publisher…”
excerpt, Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards, Writer’s Digest.


An in-depth review of self-publishing from start to finish for both print and e-book.

All areas of self-publishing are addressed, from picking a title to choosing a printer to choosing keywords for search engines. Step-by-step instructions guide an author through formatting both the inside and the cover of her book. Social networking, marketing, and creating an author platform are demystified. Pros and cons of self-publishing are outlined along with associated costs and potential royalties. Checklists are provided for submitting a book for Copyright, ISBN, and to various publishers.

One of the most comprehensive books on self-publishing, this book provides the up-to-date information necessary to publish a professional-looking book.

  • An in-depth review of self-publishing.
  • The pros and cons of self-publishing.
  • The latest information about platforms, formats, and profits.
  • Step-by-step guides for self-publishing.
  • Resources for the latest information.

Recent Comments from Writer’s Digest

“SELF-PUBLISHING: SHARING THE SECRETS offers up a treasure trove of information, from the pros and cons of self vs. traditional publishing to e-book vs. print to costs and time required to design and format the book and much more.  Especially geared towards beginners, it also provides checklists on proofreading, copyright, ISBN among the many other processes involved in transforming a manuscript to the finished product.  Author Phyllis Moorman does a fine job of presenting all sides of the dozens of decisions required, with tips and practical suggestions that gently guide the reader towards making the best possible choices.”    excerpt, “Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards, Writer’s Digest.

Phyllis Moorman, Author

Phyllis Moorman has lived and worked in Colorado most of her life. She is an author and publisher, having worked in self-publishing for the past 20 years. Her publishing experience extends from textbooks to research; from novels to poetry. She is co-owner of Raven Books, a publishing and retail outlet for books.

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