Whatever Happened to Will

2016 Colorado Independent Publishers Association Winner!
EVVY Award, Fiction: Action Adventure


Abandoned through Ignorance, the Government Steps In–
But How and Why Will Surprise You!

This is the story of a life abandoned through ignorance and reborn in a most unusual fashion. Abandoned shortly after birth to the care of an orphanage, later exiled to an academy for violent boys, then trained by the government as a contract assassin, Will battles the conflict between his sociopathic attitudes toward assassinations versus his increasing tendency toward compassion.

The story follows Will from baby, to orphanage, to academy and beyond as he achieves metamorphosis into an exceptionally skilled assassin.  On the way he cannot get the thought of family out of his mind.  Why did they just abandon him like an unwanted animal?  Are they still out there somewhere?  As is often the case, fate answers Will’s questions.  But with questions answered, others often appear to further exacerbate the situation.  Will’s journey is one of intrigue, exciting action, and ultimately compassion.  Does he find the answers to all his questions?   Maybe.

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